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Put on a fucking condom

Originally published in The Sydney Star Observer, December 2 2013 EVERYWHERE I look, bareback sex seems to be new the new trend with gay men. On Grindr, Manhunt, Scruff and Gaydar men are often asking for “raw sex”. There are even dedicated sites. Bareback parties are a new and exciting trend. We have to take … Continue reading

Born this way?

Originally published in the Sydney Star Observer, 15th October 2013 Josh Hutcherson, star of The Hunger Games, said to Out Magazine the other day: “Maybe I could say right now I’m 100 percent straight. But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person’…I … Continue reading

Bring back Woolies’ vibrators

Originally published in the Sydney Star Observer, 1 October 2013 Complaints against the supermarket chain Woolworths have lead it to remove a vibrator it was stocking in its sexual health section. The complaints were pretty predictable – that stocking vibrators in a supermarket would lead to the ‘sexualisation of children’. For example, Roslyn Phillips from ‘FamilyVoice … Continue reading

Abbott is elected: where to next?

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, September 10 2013 Tony Abbott is our new Prime Minister. In what was a convincing (although not smashing) victory, Abbott has led the Coalition to at least three years in Government. The question, therefore, is what this means for LGBTIQ people. Some are trying to place a positive spin … Continue reading

Judge Abbott on what he does, not what he says

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, August 27 2013 When thinking about Tony Abbott’s views on social issues it’s easy just to think about his gaffes. A couple of weeks ago was a great example. In Western Sydney the best compliment he could come up with for one of his candidates was that she was … Continue reading

We need to return to our liberation roots

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, 14 June 2012 The mainstream queer movement is really frustrating me at the moment. For me, the queer movement is born in the idea of fighting against the way society decides we should conform sexually and the sexual labels placed on us. It is about sexual liberation much more … Continue reading

Marriage focus ignores other issues

Originally published in the Sydney Star Observer (online), 23 February 2012 Imagine for a moment this scenario. Let’s say you’re a young man living in conservative rural Australia. As you grow older you begin to realise you’re attracted to other men. Expected to stay in the family business for the rest of your life, your … Continue reading