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What on Earth is going on with Australia’s climate politics?

Originally published in SBS, 26 June, 2014 Al Gore described it as “an extraordinary moment in which Australia, the US and the rest of the world is finally beginning to confront the climate crisis in a meaningful way.” In what was one of the strangest moments in recent Australian political history, yesterday the former Vice … Continue reading

Are broken promises that important?

Originally published in SBS News on 9 June, 2014.  As the fall-out from the Coalition’s budget continues much of the focus remains on “broken promises”. This frame was set early in the game. In his budget reply for example, Bill Shorten described the budget as one“of broken promises built on lies”. Labor MP Jason Clare went further, calling … Continue reading

It’s time for some real direct action

Originally published 13 May, 2014 In amongst all the massive cuts predicted in this week’s budget, the Government’s Direct Action climate policy will be one, rather isolated, piece of new spending. Despite threats from Clive Palmer that he will vote against the carbon tax repeal if he can’t vote against the policy, the Government has confirmed … Continue reading

A political culture of power and influence rotten to the core

Originally published in SBS News, 6 May, 2014 It is perfectly clear now that our biggest industries are going to be exempt from the budget pain Joe Hockey isexpecting us all to share in next week. Yesterday the Government backed down on plans to cut the diesel fuel rebate. The rebate, which is expected to cost $2.4 … Continue reading

Wake up and smell the coal smoke

Originally published in SBS News, 27 February, 2014 For two and half weeks now a huge fire has been burning at the Hazelwood coal mine near the town of Morwell in South-East Victoria. It’s ironic if you think about it. With global warming increasing the risk of severe fires in Australia, the fires have now taken … Continue reading

Bordering on silence

Originally published in SBS News, 20 January, 2014 Last week was one of contrasts in the politics of information around asylum seekers. It began when Immigration Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that he would cease his weekly media briefings about ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ and would instead hold press conferences ‘as the need arose’. Morrison’s policy of silence however … Continue reading

Why do we hate asylum seekers?

Originally published in SBS News, 15 January, 2014 If it weren’t clear already, it has to be by now. Last week, polling conducted by the Sydney Morning Herald showed that: A strong majority of Australians, 60 per cent, (also) want the Abbott government to “increase the severity of the treatment of asylum seekers.” It has confirmed … Continue reading

Ali Choudhry’s problems are far from over

Originally published on SBS News, 8 January, 2014.  Ali Choudhry has been given a temporary halt on deportation as a tribunal hears his case. But it’s our entire immigration system that needs scrutiny, writes Simon Copland. A reprieve. For now. That is what Brisbane man Ali Choudhry was given yesterday, as his deportation to Pakistan was delayed … Continue reading

Pyne was right: let’s go back to the drawing board

Originally published in SBS News, December 5 2013 It’s the role of government to fund the public school system, not to fund for-profit schools at the expense of the rest of our students, writes Simon Copland. It’s very hard to say something like this. But here it goes. In all the furore of the last … Continue reading

Abbott’s own history wars

Originally published in SBS News, December 4 2013 After years in opposition, the Coalition knows the attack playbook by heart – and it’s determined to avoid the same tactics being used against it, writes Simon Copland. In his time as Prime Minister John Howard was known to actively engage in Australia’s History Wars. Coming into … Continue reading