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I wont be praising anything the Pope has to say

Originally posted on Mamamia, 31 July, 2013 When Pope Francis was installed earlier this year many were hoping for a shift in the church’s tone towards homosexuality. It seems like we may have got our wish. In a wide-ranging interview over the weekend, Francis, it was reported, reached out to homosexuals. He said: “If someone is … Continue reading

Sattler’s comments are the reason we need to tackle homophobia

Originally published in Mamamia, 15th June, 2013.  Howard Sattler’s interview with the Prime Minister last night has highlighted the role and negative impact sexist and homophobic stereotypes still play in our society today. A lot of the reaction of the interview has been to once again point out the extreme disrespect with which our Prime Minister … Continue reading

Do we only care about trolling when celebrities are the victims?

Originally published in Mamamia, 13th September, 2012.  It’s time to stop the trolls. That’s what we’re being told by the Daily Telegraph who yesterday started the #stopthetrolls campaign. On the face of it, this idea has the potential to do a lot of good. Trying to stop online abuse is a good thing (no judgements on the … Continue reading