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The end of the homosexual or the rebirth of gay liberation: Dennis Altman’s The End of the Homosexual?

Orginally published in Crikey 9 August 2013.  In 1971, academic and queer activist Dennis Altman wrote the bookHomosexual: Oppression and Liberation. Positioned between the riots at Stonewall in 1969 and the expansion of the gay liberation movement in the 70s and 80s, Homosexual was in many ways before its time. Altman managed to predict the key trends within … Continue reading

Fact check: coral reefs will not ‘bloom’ under climate change

Originally published in Crikey, December 11 2012 New research has provided some positive news for our coral reefs — they may be more resistant to future climate change than first thought. But researchers warn this doesn’t mean we can stop worrying about the health of coral reefs. Rather, we may now be seeing a silver lining to … Continue reading

Murray-Darling health dependent on water extraction levels

Originally published in Crikey, 27 November 2012 Four of the world’s great river systems, including the Murray-Darling Basin, are suffering significantly from reduced water flows. A new report shows that water extraction has the biggest impact on the health of a river. One of the report’s authors, Dr Jamie Pittock, told Crikey: ”While climate change … Continue reading

Climate change may not cause drought: new research

New research has questioned the consensus among many scientists that climate change is leading to a global increase in drought levels. The research has wide implications for how we predict the impacts of, and adapt to, climate change, concluding we need to take a much more regional approach to the issue. The paper, Little change … Continue reading

The Murdoch paradox: bias in climate reporting

Originally published in Crikey, September 24 2012 New research out of the US has provided evidence of the “misleading” reporting of climate change by News Corporation. The report, Is News Corp. Failing Science, written by the Union of Concerned Scientists, looked into representations of climate change at Fox News and The Wall Street Journal over … Continue reading

Food prices soaring thanks to global warming

Originally published in Crikey, 05 September 2012 A report released by the World Bank in late August showed that global food prices rose by 10% in July. The price hike has been largely due to the massive heatwaves and droughts that have swept across the United States and eastern Europe over the past few months, … Continue reading

Antarctic melt alarm as scientists find ‘very unusual’ warming

Originally published in Crikey, 23 August 2012 Scientists have drilled 364 metres into ice to complete the first ever comprehensive temperature record of the Antarctic Peninsula — and they’ve found evidence of “very unusual” and dramatic warming over the last century. The collapse of ice shelves in Antarctica has seen some of the most dramatic images of … Continue reading