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Exploring the fundamental nature of the universe

“You’re exploring the fundamental nature of the universe.” That’s why Jacob Hughes says he enjoys studying physics. “I think that’s quite a cool idea that the things that you are doing are universal. You can find out things that are really fundamental to everything that happens.” Jacob is studying Honours in Physics. His research is … Continue reading

Science and arts poles apart?

Do you think science and arts degrees are poles apart? ANU Alumnus Phoebe Howe disagrees and she has the research credentials to back it up. “My Honours was a meeting between my two degrees, science and arts,” Phoebe explained. “I used social science research methods, but did so to address biophysical issues.” Phoebe’s Honours thesis looked … Continue reading

Forcing the Earth into shape

“Whilst we know a great deal about where the tectonic plates have moved, we know little about the forces that contribute to these shifts,” says Giampiero Iaffaldano from the Research School of Earth Sciences. “These forces are responsible for deformation of the Earth’s crust, the rise of large mountain ranges and the seismic behaviour at … Continue reading

It’s not just about socks and sandals

A new blog run by students from the Research School of Earth Sciences is being launched this week. The blog, OnCirculation: it’s not just about socks and sandals, is aimed at encouraging discussion about the Earth sciences in the community and engaging the next generation of Earth scientists, says regular blogger PhD student Kelly Strzepek. … Continue reading

Food for thought as China’s cities grow

Published in the ANU ‘Environment and Sustainability Fenner Research Highlights’, 2011. The growth of China’s cities is increasing wealth in the country, but it’s coming at a cost. The economic boom is forcing farmers to move aside and make room for city dwellers. Professor Xuemei Bai is investigating the impact of China’s unprecedented rate of … Continue reading

Saving homes, saving lives

Published in the ANU ‘Environment and Sustainability Fenner Research Highlights’, 2011. Bushfires are a natural part of the environment. They have a positive impact on many ecosystems, with plants having evolved to regenerate and reproduce around fire events. However, bushfires can also destroy homes and result in the loss of life. As human population density … Continue reading

An open research environment

“ANU is very open in terms of the research that you want to do,” says Chris McKay. Before coming to ANU, Chris studied a Bachelor of Biotechnology at the University of Wollongong and spent a number of years in the public service. He is now studying his Master of Science Communication through the Australian Centre … Continue reading

Looking inside the Earth

ANU Media Release, April 20, 2012 Defects found in rocks below the Earth’s surface have a major impact on the transmission of seismic waves, such as those caused by earthquakes, researchers at The Australian National University have discovered. Professor Ian Jackson, from the Research School of Earth Sciences, part of the ANU College of Physical … Continue reading

Following a passion

“Forestry is always something I’ve been passionate about,” Martyn Ellis explains. “I did my first undergraduate degree in music at the University of Adelaide, but I have always thought that forestry was where I would end up in my career.” After completing a degree in Adelaide, and getting some practical experience in the forest industry, … Continue reading

Students step into science shoes

Originally published in ANU, On Campus, April 18 2012 A group of Indigenous school students from around Australia experienced life as science students at ANU last week. The students – from as far afield as Darwin – came to ANU as part of the Indigenous Youth Science Camp run by the Joint Colleges of Science. … Continue reading