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Surplus debacle a problem of leadership

Originally published in ABC The Drum, 3 January 2012 The Labor Government set itself up for failure when it promised a surplus this financial year. Instead of bowing to Opposition pressure, the ALP must lead in the economic debate, writes Simon Copland. The Government’s announcement that it was dumping its promise for a surplus this … Continue reading

Reality check: some jobs will have to go

Last Friday the debate about the carbon tax hit the height of ridiculousness. Federal Member for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer posted a photo of her and Senator Eric Abetz standing in front of a furniture store with its owner. Emblazoned on the store’s windows were the words ‘The thanks to Julia closing down sale’. O’Dwyer later … Continue reading

End the cynicism and start demanding better

Published at ABC The Drum on 29 February 2011 I recently saw the film The Ides of March. For those of you who haven’t seen it, the basic story (without any spoilers) follows Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling), who is the junior campaign manager for a Democrat candidate for the United States president, Mike Morris (George … Continue reading

The war against renewable energy

Published at ABC The Drum on 19 January 2012 It’s an odd scenario when the Coalition becomes the main opponents to a new, profitable business. Long seen as the small government, pro-business party, the Coalition has engrained itself in the business community and business interests. Yet, with the election of the Victorian and New South … Continue reading

A good news year for climate campaigners

Published on ABC The Drum on 5 January 2012 It’s not very often that we hear positive stories about climate change. Our news feeds are normally filled up with messages about increasing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing ice sheets and extreme weather events. It is a scary reality and one that has a real impact on … Continue reading

New approach needed to tackle population problem

First published in ABC The Drum on 24 November 2011 As the world’s population hit 7 billion people, global attention has turned to the ‘population problem’. While this discussion has taken a largely international focus, many have used the milestone as an opportunity to push for a stricter population policy for Australia. With Australia’s limited … Continue reading

Without Society Change Law Change is Useless

Originally published on ABC’s The Drum on 16 September 2011 It’s a sad reality that after one of the biggest victories in decades for progressive activists regarding asylum seekers, most of the talk in reaction to the Malaysia Deal High Court case has been about how we can find ways to continue the rightward push … Continue reading

Is Science Sacrosanct?

Originally published on ABC’s Drum on 22 July 2011. Every good scientist will tell you that being critical is essential to the discipline’s survival. Scientists must be critical of both the results of their peers as well as the nature of experiments undertaken themselves. This means when science comes under attack, scientists must be extraordinarily … Continue reading