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Turkey and the fight for space

Originally published in the Overland Journal, 1 August 2013 I travelled to Turkey in late June to attend Global Power Shift, hosted by 350.org. It was about a month after the start of a nation-wide protest movement sparked by the proposed demolition of Gezi Park in Istanbul and I was intrigued to see what was … Continue reading

Global Warning

Originally published in ANU Reporter, 23 November 2012 Without immediate action to combat human-induced climate change, we’re not only risking the health of our planet, but also ourselves. SIMON COPLAND reports. Professor Tony McMichael is issuing a warning: not only will the changing climate affect our planet – killing our coral reefs and melting polar … Continue reading

Exploring the fundamental nature of the universe

“You’re exploring the fundamental nature of the universe.” That’s why Jacob Hughes says he enjoys studying physics. “I think that’s quite a cool idea that the things that you are doing are universal. You can find out things that are really fundamental to everything that happens.” Jacob is studying Honours in Physics. His research is … Continue reading

Farming futures

The story of the farmer is often seen as synonymous with the story of Australia. Australian history is dominated by farming heroes, from the tale of ‘The Man from Snowy River’ to the story of the 1891 sheep shearers’ strike. But today, the public view of farming is often of an industry dominated by outdated … Continue reading

Perfecting the art of conversation

Climate change is a difficult issue. Many people remain confused about climate science and policy, leading to skepticism and disenfranchisement around both the science and what to do about it. Unfortunately, many scientists and public policy makers don’t understand why so many people are so confused, leaving themselves and the community out in the cold. … Continue reading

Help online

Original link, including video: http://news.anu.edu.au/2012/08/14/help-online/  Australia is facing a mental health crisis. Around one in five Australians suffer some form of mental disorder each year and mental disorders now account for 13 per cent of the total disease burden in Australia. Despite this, many people are still not getting the treatment they need. Dr Lou Farrer from … Continue reading

Fuel for the 21st Century

As we face the reality of climate change and dropping stocks of oil, solutions are needed to meet the growing demand for clean and efficient fuels. Whilst there is much being done to reduce our dependence on traditional fuels, we also need to develop alternative fuels for this transition to occur. Professor Chris Easton from … Continue reading

Science and arts poles apart?

Do you think science and arts degrees are poles apart? ANU Alumnus Phoebe Howe disagrees and she has the research credentials to back it up. “My Honours was a meeting between my two degrees, science and arts,” Phoebe explained. “I used social science research methods, but did so to address biophysical issues.” Phoebe’s Honours thesis looked … Continue reading

An Interview with Chris Pigram

One of the benefits of being a scientist is that sometimes you get to discover new things and if you’re lucky enough, you may even be able to get them named after you. RSES alumnus Chris Pigram, who is also the current Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia is lucky enough to have done both. … Continue reading

Forcing the Earth into shape

“Whilst we know a great deal about where the tectonic plates have moved, we know little about the forces that contribute to these shifts,” says Giampiero Iaffaldano from the Research School of Earth Sciences. “These forces are responsible for deformation of the Earth’s crust, the rise of large mountain ranges and the seismic behaviour at … Continue reading