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Idolising our sports ‘stars’ and the nasty, dangerous mindset it creates

Originally published in Junkee.com, 2nd July, 2014 The fallout from the Todd Carney photo ‘incident’ is continuing apace. After a drunken photo of the NRL star pissing into his own mouth, or ‘bubbling’, surfaced online last week, Carney was quickly sacked by his club, the Cronulla Sharks, and has now been effectively banned for life from the NRL. In sacking … Continue reading

What on Earth is going on with Australia’s climate politics?

Originally published in SBS, 26 June, 2014 Al Gore described it as “an extraordinary moment in which Australia, the US and the rest of the world is finally beginning to confront the climate crisis in a meaningful way.” In what was one of the strangest moments in recent Australian political history, yesterday the former Vice … Continue reading

Roller derby could herald a revolution for gender equality in sport

Originally published in The Guardian on 18 June, 2014.  A pair of quads on the changing room floor. Photograph: Linda Nylind It’s famous for its fishnet stockings, quirky names, brutal mentality and a film starring Drew Barrymore. Sweeping across the country, roller derby is becoming an unstoppable phenomenon. Revitalised on the back of third-wave feminism, roller … Continue reading

Are broken promises that important?

Originally published in SBS News on 9 June, 2014.  As the fall-out from the Coalition’s budget continues much of the focus remains on “broken promises”. This frame was set early in the game. In his budget reply for example, Bill Shorten described the budget as one“of broken promises built on lies”. Labor MP Jason Clare went further, calling … Continue reading

How to write a dirty song

Originally published in Junkee.com on 6 June, 2014.  Jason Derulo’s latest hit (featuring 2 Chainz), ’Talk Dirty’, continues to make a splash. The song, released in January this year, peaked at number one on the Australian charts and recently Derulo performed a ‘racy’ version of it at the Billboard Music Awards — some have even questioned whether his performance was just … Continue reading

Is libertarianism the best friend of queer communities?

Libertarianism is often criticised for being the politics of the straight white male. But does it actually offer LGBT people freedom the state can’t deliver? ‘One could reasonably claim that every major advance in LGBT rights has been fostered by – or is at least consistent with – libertarian ideals.’ Photograph: David Gray/Reuters The election … Continue reading

Why Eurovision might be the most important show on TV

Originally published in Junkee.com, 8 May, 2014 In amongst all the glitz, glam, costume and key changes, Eurovision — the final of which is happening this weekend — is one again embroiled in controversy. Petitions from Belarus, Armenia and Russia have called on the Austrian participant Conchita Wurst — a drag queen with a beard — … Continue reading

A political culture of power and influence rotten to the core

Originally published in SBS News, 6 May, 2014 It is perfectly clear now that our biggest industries are going to be exempt from the budget pain Joe Hockey isexpecting us all to share in next week. Yesterday the Government backed down on plans to cut the diesel fuel rebate. The rebate, which is expected to cost $2.4 … Continue reading

Rocky Horror Show: 40 years later, where is its world of ‘absolute pleasure’?

Originally published in The Guardian, 23 April, 2014 After months touring Australia, this Wednesday The Rocky Horror Showwill open in Melbourne for the final leg. Starring Craig McLachlan as Frank N’ Furter, the show has brought out its customary legion of fans donned in fishnet stockings, corsets, pearls and high heels. As the show finishes its tour, it’s … Continue reading

What’s wrong with choosing to be gay, anyway?

Originally published in The Guardian, 21 April, 2014 With the election of Mike Baird as the new premier, New South Wales is potentially about to embark on a sharp social conservative turn. Baird not only opposes same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, but is he also anti-abortion and against heroin injecting rooms. In other words, he is the … Continue reading