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Is libertarianism the best friend of queer communities?

Libertarianism is often criticised for being the politics of the straight white male. But does it actually offer LGBT people freedom the state can’t deliver? ‘One could reasonably claim that every major advance in LGBT rights has been fostered by – or is at least consistent with – libertarian ideals.’ Photograph: David Gray/Reuters The election … Continue reading

It’s time for some real direct action

Originally published 13 May, 2014 In amongst all the massive cuts predicted in this week’s budget, the Government’s Direct Action climate policy will be one, rather isolated, piece of new spending. Despite threats from Clive Palmer that he will vote against the carbon tax repeal if he can’t vote against the policy, the Government has confirmed … Continue reading

Why Eurovision might be the most important show on TV

Originally published in Junkee.com, 8 May, 2014 In amongst all the glitz, glam, costume and key changes, Eurovision — the final of which is happening this weekend — is one again embroiled in controversy. Petitions from Belarus, Armenia and Russia have called on the Austrian participant Conchita Wurst — a drag queen with a beard — … Continue reading

A political culture of power and influence rotten to the core

Originally published in SBS News, 6 May, 2014 It is perfectly clear now that our biggest industries are going to be exempt from the budget pain Joe Hockey isexpecting us all to share in next week. Yesterday the Government backed down on plans to cut the diesel fuel rebate. The rebate, which is expected to cost $2.4 … Continue reading