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Pyne was right: let’s go back to the drawing board

Originally published in SBS News, December 5 2013 It’s the role of government to fund the public school system, not to fund for-profit schools at the expense of the rest of our students, writes Simon Copland. It’s very hard to say something like this. But here it goes. In all the furore of the last … Continue reading

Abbott’s own history wars

Originally published in SBS News, December 4 2013 After years in opposition, the Coalition knows the attack playbook by heart – and it’s determined to avoid the same tactics being used against it, writes Simon Copland. In his time as Prime Minister John Howard was known to actively engage in Australia’s History Wars. Coming into … Continue reading

Put on a fucking condom

Originally published in The Sydney Star Observer, December 2 2013 EVERYWHERE I look, bareback sex seems to be new the new trend with gay men. On Grindr, Manhunt, Scruff and Gaydar men are often asking for “raw sex”. There are even dedicated sites. Bareback parties are a new and exciting trend. We have to take … Continue reading