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‘Just Deal With It Indonesia’ isn’t real foreign policy

Originally published in SBS News, 21 November 2013.  Australia’s refusal to adequately engage with its nearest neighbour over the phone tapping scandal is a new expression of neocolonialism, writes Simon Copland. The fallout from the Indonesian phone tapping controversy has hit a new level after Susilo Bamban Yudhoyono announced that Indonesia would suspend all co-operation on … Continue reading

The Reinvention of Julia Gillard

  Originally published in SBS News, 12 November 2013. There’s no doubt that Julia Gillard was singled out by the media and undermined within her own party. But to cast her as an unwavering progressive Prime Minister is a case of willful political amnesia, writes Simon Copland. Credit where credit is due. That is all … Continue reading

Clive and Tony are no joke

Originally published in SBS News 7 November 2013.  For too long the Left have mocked Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott, greatly underestimating their political capabilities in the process. The jokes on them, writes Simon Copland. Aren’t they a joke? ‘Cliev’ and ‘Tony’ – the jokes of Australian politics. The ‘stupid’ things they say, and ‘ridiculous’ … Continue reading