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Turning values into (direct) action

Originally published in Inside Story, 24th September 2013 Falling support for strong climate policies reflects the environment movement’s failure to frame the debate effectively, argues Simon Copland. It’s time to co-opt Tony Abbott’s idea of “direct action”. markrhiggins/ iStockphoto   IF THERE was one true loser at the 2013 election – apart from the Labor Party … Continue reading

Australia should show more respect to its public servants

Originally published in the Guardian, 18th September 2013.  We Australians love targeting Canberra, and the city’s public servants are the most obvious target of all. The exercise works for Abbott, who plans deep cuts in the sector. ‘Public servants are dedicated to building important infrastructure such as roads, rail and ports – infrastructure we all … Continue reading

Abbott is elected: where to next?

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, September 10 2013 Tony Abbott is our new Prime Minister. In what was a convincing (although not smashing) victory, Abbott has led the Coalition to at least three years in Government. The question, therefore, is what this means for LGBTIQ people. Some are trying to place a positive spin … Continue reading