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Judge Abbott on what he does, not what he says

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, August 27 2013 When thinking about Tony Abbott’s views on social issues it’s easy just to think about his gaffes. A couple of weeks ago was a great example. In Western Sydney the best compliment he could come up with for one of his candidates was that she was … Continue reading

Wikileaks’ Ideology Problem

Originally published in the Overland Journal 19 August 2013 It seems like the progressive love affair with WikiLeaks may be coming to an end. On Sunday it was revealed that WikiLeaks had preferenced the fascist Australia First and the Shooters and Fishers parties ahead of the Greens in the NSW Senate, as well as the … Continue reading

The end of the homosexual or the rebirth of gay liberation: Dennis Altman’s The End of the Homosexual?

Orginally published in Crikey 9 August 2013.  In 1971, academic and queer activist Dennis Altman wrote the bookHomosexual: Oppression and Liberation. Positioned between the riots at Stonewall in 1969 and the expansion of the gay liberation movement in the 70s and 80s, Homosexual was in many ways before its time. Altman managed to predict the key trends within … Continue reading

Turkey and the fight for space

Originally published in the Overland Journal, 1 August 2013 I travelled to Turkey in late June to attend Global Power Shift, hosted by 350.org. It was about a month after the start of a nation-wide protest movement sparked by the proposed demolition of Gezi Park in Istanbul and I was intrigued to see what was … Continue reading