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Murray-Darling health dependent on water extraction levels

Originally published in Crikey, 27 November 2012 Four of the world’s great river systems, including the Murray-Darling Basin, are suffering significantly from reduced water flows. A new report shows that water extraction has the biggest impact on the health of a river. One of the report’s authors, Dr Jamie Pittock, told Crikey: ”While climate change … Continue reading

Global Warning

Originally published in ANU Reporter, 23 November 2012 Without immediate action to combat human-induced climate change, we’re not only risking the health of our planet, but also ourselves. SIMON COPLAND reports. Professor Tony McMichael is issuing a warning: not only will the changing climate affect our planet – killing our coral reefs and melting polar … Continue reading

Climate change may not cause drought: new research

New research has questioned the consensus among many scientists that climate change is leading to a global increase in drought levels. The research has wide implications for how we predict the impacts of, and adapt to, climate change, concluding we need to take a much more regional approach to the issue. The paper, Little change … Continue reading