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Exploring the fundamental nature of the universe

“You’re exploring the fundamental nature of the universe.” That’s why Jacob Hughes says he enjoys studying physics. “I think that’s quite a cool idea that the things that you are doing are universal. You can find out things that are really fundamental to everything that happens.” Jacob is studying Honours in Physics. His research is … Continue reading

Say no to homophobia in sport

“I’d like to tell you what it’s like being a gay footy player. I’ve experienced homophobia in Aussie Rules Football first hand – now it’s time to end it.” That’s what twenty four year old footy player Jason Bell had to say when launching his petition to tackle homophobia in the AFL. The petition, being … Continue reading

Women in sport

The 2012 London Oylmpics was billed as the “women’s olympics”. For the first time ever women made up half the competition and represented every county competing at the games. As we look back at London, it’s worth asking, how far have we come when it comes to women and sport? There’s no doubt that women … Continue reading