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The Murdoch paradox: bias in climate reporting

Originally published in Crikey, September 24 2012 New research out of the US has provided evidence of the “misleading” reporting of climate change by News Corporation. The report, Is News Corp. Failing Science, written by the Union of Concerned Scientists, looked into representations of climate change at Fox News and The Wall Street Journal over … Continue reading

Farming futures

The story of the farmer is often seen as synonymous with the story of Australia. Australian history is dominated by farming heroes, from the tale of ‘The Man from Snowy River’ to the story of the 1891 sheep shearers’ strike. But today, the public view of farming is often of an industry dominated by outdated … Continue reading

Do we only care about trolling when celebrities are the victims?

Originally published in Mamamia, 13th September, 2012.  It’s time to stop the trolls. That’s what we’re being told by the Daily Telegraph who yesterday started the #stopthetrolls campaign. On the face of it, this idea has the potential to do a lot of good. Trying to stop online abuse is a good thing (no judgements on the … Continue reading

Perfecting the art of conversation

Climate change is a difficult issue. Many people remain confused about climate science and policy, leading to skepticism and disenfranchisement around both the science and what to do about it. Unfortunately, many scientists and public policy makers don’t understand why so many people are so confused, leaving themselves and the community out in the cold. … Continue reading

Food prices soaring thanks to global warming

Originally published in Crikey, 05 September 2012 A report released by the World Bank in late August showed that global food prices rose by 10% in July. The price hike has been largely due to the massive heatwaves and droughts that have swept across the United States and eastern Europe over the past few months, … Continue reading