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Antarctic melt alarm as scientists find ‘very unusual’ warming

Originally published in Crikey, 23 August 2012 Scientists have drilled 364 metres into ice to complete the first ever comprehensive temperature record of the Antarctic Peninsula — and they’ve found evidence of “very unusual” and dramatic warming over the last century. The collapse of ice shelves in Antarctica has seen some of the most dramatic images of … Continue reading

Help online

Original link, including video: http://news.anu.edu.au/2012/08/14/help-online/  Australia is facing a mental health crisis. Around one in five Australians suffer some form of mental disorder each year and mental disorders now account for 13 per cent of the total disease burden in Australia. Despite this, many people are still not getting the treatment they need. Dr Lou Farrer from … Continue reading

Fuel for the 21st Century

As we face the reality of climate change and dropping stocks of oil, solutions are needed to meet the growing demand for clean and efficient fuels. Whilst there is much being done to reduce our dependence on traditional fuels, we also need to develop alternative fuels for this transition to occur. Professor Chris Easton from … Continue reading