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Youth politics

Originally published in FUSE, 27 June 2012 When I was in high school I became involved in the anti-Iraq War movement. My involvement was limited (i.e. I attended rallies and put up posters), but really important to me. I got involved because I thought the cause was extremely important and I thought that I could … Continue reading

We need to return to our liberation roots

Originally published in Sydney Star Observer, 14 June 2012 The mainstream queer movement is really frustrating me at the moment. For me, the queer movement is born in the idea of fighting against the way society decides we should conform sexually and the sexual labels placed on us. It is about sexual liberation much more … Continue reading

Reality check: some jobs will have to go

Last Friday the debate about the carbon tax hit the height of ridiculousness. Federal Member for Higgins Kelly O’Dwyer posted a photo of her and Senator Eric Abetz standing in front of a furniture store with its owner. Emblazoned on the store’s windows were the words ‘The thanks to Julia closing down sale’. O’Dwyer later … Continue reading