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Australia part of international primary health care study

Published in Australian Medicine, 7 May, 2012. http://ausmed.ama.com.au/australia-part-international-primary-health-care-study

Australian doctors are being invited to take part in a landmark study using data from 34 countries to enable accurate international comparisons of primary health care systems.

Researchers at the Australian National University and the University of Western Sydney are calling for doctors, specialists and other primary health care providers to take part in the study, which will begin later this year.

The project’s designers said it will “gather data from across the world on the quality, equity and costs of primary health care”.

“Using this information, we will then be able to make international comparisons of primary health systems, enabling us to learn from our international counterparts”.

The Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute at the ANU is planning to mail surveys to health care providers in coming months.

For further information, contact Dr Alison Gee or Dr Ian McRae on 02 6197 0072 or QUALICOPC@anu.edu.au


About Simon Copland

Simon Copland is a freelance writer and climate campaigner. In his spare time he plays rugby union and is a David Bowie fanatic. He is a regular columnist for the Sydney Star Observer, blogs at The Moonbat and tweets at @SimonCopland.


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