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Looking inside the Earth

ANU Media Release, April 20, 2012 Defects found in rocks below the Earth’s surface have a major impact on the transmission of seismic waves, such as those caused by earthquakes, researchers at The Australian National University have discovered. Professor Ian Jackson, from the Research School of Earth Sciences, part of the ANU College of Physical … Continue reading

Following a passion

“Forestry is always something I’ve been passionate about,” Martyn Ellis explains. “I did my first undergraduate degree in music at the University of Adelaide, but I have always thought that forestry was where I would end up in my career.” After completing a degree in Adelaide, and getting some practical experience in the forest industry, … Continue reading

Students step into science shoes

Originally published in ANU, On Campus, April 18 2012 A group of Indigenous school students from around Australia experienced life as science students at ANU last week. The students – from as far afield as Darwin – came to ANU as part of the Indigenous Youth Science Camp run by the Joint Colleges of Science. … Continue reading

Tiny particles key to understanding early solar system

ANU Media Release, April 16 2012 New research from The Australian National University has answered a decades old cosmic conundrum on how ‘chondrules’ – tiny particles found within meteorites – could have formed in extreme heat, especially when the meteorite structure surrounding them remained cold. Chondrules are spherical particles of molten material found in meteorities … Continue reading

All hail Malcolm Turnbull

Originally published in New Matilda on 4 April 2012. (http://newmatilda.com/2012/04/04/all-hail-malcolm-turnbull) Progressive people in Australia are facing a significant dilemma: as Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is disappointing many and Tony Abbott is not an acceptable alternative. If elected, he would be the most conservative prime minister in decades. This dilemma is leading to some strange conclusions. … Continue reading

Interdisciplinary research not working

ANU media release, 3 April 2012 A major new report shines a light on the flaws in the nation’s interdisciplinary research efforts. Report author Professor Gabriele Bammer, Director of the ANU National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, said the real challenges of interdisciplinary research are not recognised and measures to address the problems are … Continue reading