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A career in research medicine

“For me the most enjoyable thing is the clinical skills side of it, because you get to apply the science you’ve learnt in the real world,” says Morgan Sheriden, a student in the Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Clinical skills are a major component of the MBBS. “At the moment it’s been … Continue reading

The war against renewable energy

Published at ABC The Drum on 19 January 2012 It’s an odd scenario when the Coalition becomes the main opponents to a new, profitable business. Long seen as the small government, pro-business party, the Coalition has engrained itself in the business community and business interests. Yet, with the election of the Victorian and New South … Continue reading

Food for thought as China’s cities grow

The growth of Chinese cities is increasing wealth in the country, but it’s coming at a cost, with farmers needing to make room for city dwellers as a consequence of the country’s ongoing economic boom. The new study by Professor Xuemei Bai from the ANU Fenner School of Environment and Society has revealed that China … Continue reading

A good news year for climate campaigners

Published on ABC The Drum on 5 January 2012 It’s not very often that we hear positive stories about climate change. Our news feeds are normally filled up with messages about increasing greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing ice sheets and extreme weather events. It is a scary reality and one that has a real impact on … Continue reading